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What's a good price for a paint job?

Determining a fair price for a paint job is just as important as choosing the right house painter for your home. Each painting company can provide different prices for the same job, so here are a four ways to help you determine what's a good price for a paint job. In this article we'll go over factors that affect the price, the average cost of a paint job, getting quotes from house painters, and negotiating prices with a house painting company.

Factors that Affect Paint Job Prices

Size of the Project

There are several factors that can affect the price of your paint job. The size of the project is maybe the biggest determining factor. How big is your home? Does the project cover painting just the walls or trim and doors also? Are there accent colors or just one color involved?

Types of Surfaces

Another factor that can affect the price of your paint job is the types of surfaces involved. Different surfaces like brick, raw wood, or already painted drywall can all require different preparation and materials that all affect the price of your paint job.


Does your home have high ceilings or hard-to-reach areas like sky lights or high staircases? Is parking near your home available or will the painter need to walk a considerable distance each time he goes to his vehicle for supplies and tools? Accessibility can determine the difficulty and time involved for a house painter, and will affect the price of your paint job.

Average Cost of a Paint Job

Interior and Exterior Prices

A typical professional house painter can charge anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars, depending on the above mentioned factors, and his painting company's experience and quality. Interior jobs tend to cost less, and exterior jobs tend to cost more, because painting the exterior of a home requires more tools like a paint sprayer, and usually more time involved in preparation.

Cost of Materials

Paint can fluctuate in price, especially in our current market. Paint can cost anywhere from $40-$60 per gallon, and you can expect your home to require anywhere from 10-20 gallons, depending on the size and how many coats are required for a high quality finish.

Urgency of the Project

A painting company can sometimes be booked out months in advance, and if you're wanting your house painted right away, it could cost extra to have them set aside other projects for you.

Getting Quotes from House Painters

Get quotes from multiple house painters to compare prices. The quoting process is also a great time to meet different painters and find one that's professional and can communicate well with you to meet your needs. When comparing quotes from different house painters, look for a breakdown of costs on each service, the materials involved in the project, and pay attention to how thorough the quote is and how it meets your needs.

Negotiating Prices with a House Painter

In general, a house painter will give you a "take it or leave it" price for a job, meaning they won't normally discount their service. But ask if paying cash could get you a different price. Some painters will be open to this, and it could save you both a little money.

In Conclusion

Price is an important topic to consider when hiring a professional painting company. Make sure you consider the different factors that affect the price, think about the average cost of hiring a painter, get quotes from multiple companies and compare prices, and try negotiating with your painter or pay cash to save you both a little money.

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