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How do I know if a painter did a good job?

Knowing whether or not a painter did a good job painting your home is important, especially with the costs involved in having your home painted. It can be tricky to tell the difference of a mediocre and a great paint job. In this article, we'll give you some helpful tips and tricks to tell the difference including how to do a visual inspection, different ways to test for quality, comparing the work with the contract, and how to communicate with your painter to get the best possible results.

Visual Inspection

Go over the paint job and look it over. You're looking for a smooth, even finish. Light spots, missed spots, and paint drips and streaks are all signs of a poor paint job. Inspect the details of the job like the edges and the trim work. Are the lines nice and straight? It's impossible to be perfect, but a good house painter will get pretty close. One last thing to watch out for whether or not the painter made a mess. Look for small paint splatters on the floor, or paint on door hinges and light switch covers. Is there paint on surfaces where paint shouldn't be? A good paint job is clean and tidy. Period.

The Touch Test

Touch the paint with your fingers, and scratch on it a little bit if that doesn't bother you. A good paint job should be able to stand this kind of minor abuse, and if not, the paint probably hasn't adhered to the surface properly. If this is the case, the paint job is not high quality, and probably won't last as long as it should.


A good way to tell if your house painter did a good job is to simply look at the agreement you made with them and ask yourself if they fulfilled on their promise. Is everything included in the project accounted for? Did the painter use the quality of materials agreed upon, and did your house painter complete the project on time? These are all important questions to ask and an easy way to determine if they did a good job.


It's important to communicate with your house painter while they're on the job. It's usually pretty easy to make minor corrections and touch-ups on the spot, and having your painter come back to the job after the fact can be time-consuming and frustrating for your painter. Good communication with your house painter is an easy way to ensure you get the results you want and have a smooth and easy house painting experience.

In Conclusion

Hopefully now you can determine whether or not your house painter did a good job painting your home. Don't forget to do a visual inspection, compare the finished job with the original contract and communicate with your painter on the job to get a quality and long lasting paint job!

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